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Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture: Johannes Ledolter

The Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture series presents Johannes Ledolter, who will present"Data Mining and Business Analytics with Big and Small Data." Ledolter is a professor in the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Iowa. He will review useful methods for data mining and business analytics; describe several applications and case studies where these methods prove useful; discuss the importance of collecting data through carefully designed statistical experiments; and conclude with a discussion of target areas of application. 

This lecture is intended for general audiences, on topics of current interest in mathematics and mathematics education. The lecture is free of charge. 

STEM Conference

This one day conference will bring together high school counselors, community college advisers and representatives from each of the STEM departments at UNI to learn what each group is currently doing to advance STEM, discuss the career options available to STEM majors, work toward a common understanding about what students need to learn and do to prepare themselves to pursue majors in STEM disciplines, and discuss proposed curriculum changes in STEM disciplines with impact on transfer students.

Annual Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture

"Big Data = BIG Opportunities" will be presented by Dr. Sastry G. Pantula, director of the division of mathematical sciences at the National Science Foundation. Data is being collected on everyone and everything. Big data is arriving in volume, velocity and variety.  Business, Industry and Government are relying on such information for marketing products and for making policies. Several examples of applications, new methodologies, oppportunities and challenges that Big Data brings will be presented. This will be a non-technical lecture and should be accessible to persons without a statistics background.

Mathematics Colloquium: Arithmetical Similarities of Graph Coverings

We will explore finite graph coverings from an arithmetical perspective. After discussing how a prime cycle in a graph splits into prime cycles in a covering graph, we will characterize the situation when any prime cycle in a graph has a similar splitting type in two covers. Using this characterization, we present a method of constructing pairs of non-isomorphic graphs that have the same Ihara zeta function.

Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture: "How to Make Sculptures of 4-Dimensional Things"

Dr. Henry Segerman will present "How to Make Sculptures of 4-Dimensional Things." Segerman is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University. He is both a mathematician, working mostly in 3-dimensional geometry and topology, and a mathematical artist, working mostly in the medium of 3D printing. Visit his website at: 

The lecture is intended for general audiences, on topics of current interest in mathematics and mathematics education and is free of charge.

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