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Elementary Literacy Pre-Conference Event

 "Literacy, Leading and Learning: Integrating Inquiry, STEM, and the Common Core" is the theme of the 47th annual Elementary Literacy Conference. 

The Grout Museum District’s Bluedorn Science Imaginarium will host a book signing with conference speaker Steve Jenkins and special after hours science demonstrations.

Find out why the hissing cockroaches hiss, pet a python and see how furry a giant tarantula really is. This demonstration is inspired by Jenkins’ The Animal Book and is guaranteed to fascinate and creep-out even the boldest of visitors. Refreshments will be provided.

The preconference and conference events are sponsored by the College of Education, Bluedorn Science Imaginarium, Pioneer Graphics and Abrams Learning Trends. The conference is free to UNI students and faculty. 

Leader in Me Symposium

The Leader in Me Symposium is a two-day conference focused on instilling leadership as a vital component in education, and unleashing the greatness of every child. We invite you to unite with innovative leaders to find your voice and forever change the face of education. Registration is required.

2015 Summer Institute on Inclusion and Communication

The institute will educate, motivate, inform and transform. Speakers include: Paula Kluth, Darlene Hanson, Harvey Lavoy, Pascal Cheng Tracy Thresher and more. Kluth is a nationally recognized expert on autism and inclusive education. Her publications include: "You're Going to Love This Kid," "Don't We Already Do Inclusion" and many more. The institute is for individuals on the autism spectrum and with other developmental and communication disabilities; friends, allies, families; educators, therapists and support providers. College students and university faculty are welcome.

COE Educators for Change: December Book Club Meeting

The College of Education's Educators for Change Book Club will discuss the topic of microagressions. In preparation for the meeting please read the following two articles:

Color Blind Ideology is a Form of Racism:

Racial Microagressions in Everyday Life:

2014 Educating Educators Conference

The Multicultural Teaching Alliance will host the 4th Annual Educating Educators Conference. This year's theme is Building Classroom Community by Embracing Classroom Diversity. The conference is designed to help prepare educators for diversity in the classroom. Attendees will be challenged to further their understanding of current issues, cultures and the diverse population that is present in the Cedar Valley.

Fall 2014 Teacher Education Convocation

The College of Education will host its bi-annual Teacher Education Induction Convocation. Three hundred and fifty students have satisfied requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Program, and are invited to participate in the formal ceremony, the official induction of students into that field of study. Simon Estes, internationally renowned opera singer from Centerville, Iowa will deliver the convocation address.  This will be the 48th group of candidates inducted into the Teacher Education program since formal ceremonies began in 1991.  Parents and friends of the candidates are invited along with UNI faculty and administrators. A reception will follow in the GBPAC lobby.

Documentary Screening: "Media Coverage and Female Athletes"

Forty percent percent of all sports participants are female, yet women’s sports receive only 4% of all sports media coverage and female athletes are much more likely than male athletes to be portrayed in sexually provocative poses. The documentary “Media Coverage and Female Athletes,” uses research-based information to examine the amount and type of coverage given to female athletes.


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