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Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services

Does Sex Sell?: Uncovering Media Representations of Women's Sports

Forty percent of all sports participants are female, yet women’s sports receive only 4% of all sport media coverage and female athletes are much more likely than male athletes to be portrayed in sexually provocative poses. To highlight why this matters and address these disparities, Nicole M. LaVoi, the associate director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, will highlight this issue from a variety of perspectives and help dispel the common—but untrue—myths that no one is interested in women’s sport and that "sex sells" women’s sport. Effective strategies are also discussed for increasing media coverage and creating images which reflect the reality of women’s sports participation and why this is so important.

SportAbility of Iowa Adapted Sports Camp

The mission of the SportAbility of Iowa Adapted Sports Camp is to give qualified young people in second grade through high school with various lower limb disabilities an opportunity to participate in various types of athletic events using a sports wheelchair. The camp promotes wheelchair awareness and provides healthy recreational activities for kids with disabilities. Activities such as wheeling around campus with their teammates to meals, recreational games, other skill activities and pure fun are important for learning. Athletes enjoy traditional camp and recreation activities, while they are improving daily living, sensory-motor-perceptual, strengthening and hand-eye coordination skills. 

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