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Human Resource Services

Spine and Health Lunch and Learn Presentation

Employees are invited to attend a spine and health lunch and learn presentation conducted by Wayson Chiropractic. Focuses will center around how exercise affects the spine, how certain foods can harm or heal and how a Doctor of Chiropractic may help when you are in pain. Employees are invited to bring their lunches; water and ice tea will be provided. Registration is required as space is limited. 

"2015 and Beyond: Investing after the Global Financial Crisis' lecture

Dan Morris, TIAA-CREF’s Global Investment Strategist, will share his views on the opportunities and potential pitfalls he sees in 2015.

The U.S. economy is finally recovering from the Global Financial Crisis, but the rest of the world is trailing behind.

  • Can the U.S. economy continue to expand or will it be dragged down by stagnation in Europe or a slowdown in China?
  • Markets have become more volatile of late. Why is this and will it persist?
  • How should investors protect their portfolios but also find the returns they need as interest rise, but remain low compared to historical norms? 

Employee Biometric Screening

UNI Employee Well-being encourages all employees to participate in a free Biometric. Screening This screening is offered through Wheaton Franciscan Wellness Services. All UNI employees are eligible for one (1) free screening per academic year. Spouses may sign up for $25 (blood profile only).


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