Resources for Students


Learning Styles - Use this website to gain insights into how you learn and find study strategies that match your learning style.



7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students Workshop - Struggling with time management? Always feeling stressed out? Stephen Covey's Seven Habits might help. Use this power point to begin a holistic journey of managing your life--and to create your own 7 Habits of an Highly Effective Student.

Reading with Purpose - Do you feel overwhelmed and lost with your textbook reading? View the Reading with Purpose power point to find strategies for reading more efficiently and effectively.

Strategies for Academic Success - Reading a Syllabus: How much attention do you pay to a syllabus? Use this power point to discover how reading a syllabus can help you create plans for achieving academic success in your courses.



168 Hours - How do you spend your time each day? This worksheet will help you find out.

Study Schedule - Need a good study schedule template. Here it is . . .

Test Anxiety - Do you become so upset during tests that your brain freezes? Feel nervous and physically ill while taking tests? Here are some tips for overcoming test anxiety.

Note-Taking Strategies - Not sure what to write down in class? Have trouble making sense of your notes? These strategies may help!

 Last Updated: June 6, 2013

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