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Liberal Arts Core Courses
Category 1. Core Competencies
  1. Reading and Writing
    Contact the Writing Center, 008 ITTC, 273-2361
    620:034 Critical Writing about Literature-- Allison, Liz

  2. Speaking and Listening
    48C:001 Oral Communication-- Allison, Jessica, Liz, Patrice

  3. Quantitative Techniques and Understanding
    Contact the Math Center, 008 ITTC, 273-2361

  4. Personal Wellness
    440:010 Personal Wellness-- Allison, Jessica, Liz, Patrice
Category 2. Civilizations and Cultures
  1. Humanities
    680:021 Humanities I-- Luke
    680:022 Humanities II-- Allison, Jessica, Liz, Luke
    680:023 Humanities III-- Jessica, Liz, Luke

  2. Non-Western Cultures
    680:122 Japan-- Liz
    680:125 India-- Allison

    680:127 Middle East-- Luke
    680:128 Africa-- Patrice
Category 3. Fine Arts, Literature, Philosophy and Religion
  1. Fine Arts
    490:002 The Theatrical Arts & Society-- Allison, Liz, Luke
    520:020 Our Musical Heritage-- Allison, Frederico, Jessica
    520:030 Music of Our Time-- Frederico
    600:004 Visual Perceptions-- Patrice

  2. Literature, Philosophy, or Religion
    620:031 Intro to Literature-- Liz
    640:024 Religions of the World-- Jessica, Liz
Category 4. Natural Science and Technology
  1. Life Science
    840:012/3 Life: The Natural World-- Frederico
    840:014/5 Life: Continuity & Change-- Allison, Frederico
    990:010 Human Origins-- Luke

  2. Physical Sciences
    860:010 Principles of Chemistry-- Frederico
Category 5. Social Science
  1. Sociocultural and Historical Perspectives
    980:001 Intro to Sociology-- Jessica
    990:011 Culture, Nature & Society-- Allison

  2. Individual & Institutional Perspectives
    31F:010 Human Identity and Relationships-- Patrice
    400:001 Introduction to Psychology-- Frederico, Patrice
    942:014 Intro to American Politics-- Luke
    943:024 International Relations-- Allison
Category 6. Capstone Experience
    820:140 Environment, Technology, and Society-- Frederico
    CAP:130 Science and Pseudoscience: Critiquing the World Around You-- Liz

Ask-a-Tutor Tutoring Available in Courses NOT Part of the Liberal Arts Core

840:051 Organismal Diversity-- Frederico
840:052 Cell Structure and Function-- Frederico
840:140 Genetics-- Frederico
890:142g Evolutionary Biology-- Frederico

860:044 General Chemistry I-- Frederico

48C:002 Intro to Communication-- Jessica
48C:004 Interpersonal Communication-- Allison, Jessica
48C:011 Oral Interpretation-- Allison
48C:071 Public Speaking-- Allison
48C:074 Argumentation and Debate-- Allison
48J:002 Mass Communication & Soc.-- Jessica, Patrice
490:C01 Reading List Comp. Exam I-- Liz
490:034 Play Analysis-- Allison, Liz

200:030 Dynamics of Human Development-- Allison

620:040 Multicultural Literature-- Liz
620:042 Survey of English Lit. to Early Modernity-- Allison, Liz
620:043 Survey of Eng. Lit: Romantics to Post Colonialism-- Allison, Liz
620:053 Survey of American Literature-- Allison, Liz
630:130g The Structure of English-- Allison

720:001/002 French I/II-- Frederico, Liz
720:003 French Comm. Practice I-- Liz

960:010 Introduction to the Study of History-- Luke
961:014 United States History to 1877-- Luke
961:015 United States History Since 1877-- Luke

580:011/12 Music Theory I-II-- Frederico

880:054 General Physics I-II -- Frederico
Or see Physics tutors

Political Science
940:010 Scope and Methods of Political Science-- Luke
941:050 Introduction to Political Theory-- Luke
941:161 Modern Political Theory-- Luke
944:040 Comparative Politics-- Luke

790:001-180 All courses-- Frederico

400:118g History and Systems of Psychology-- Frederico
400:134g Motivation and Emotion-- Frederico
400:158g Organizational Psychology-- Frederico

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