└ Referral Form

Student Referral Form
Faculty Request for Services

Course ______________________________________________
Instructor __________________________________________
Student _____________________________________________
Title of Assignment _________________________________

Nature of Service needed (please check all that apply):

___ Completing a paper
___ Revising a paper/improving a grade
___ Skill-building

Problems observed (please check all that apply):

___ Focus/precise thesis
___ Sticking to one main point
___ Organization
___ Paragraph coherence
___ Development/adequacy of evidence
___ Logic
___ Adequate/ethical use of sources
___ Sentence clarity
___ General proofreading
___ ESL problems

Special Instructions/notes to help the tutor help your student: 


I would like a written report on my student’s progress _______ (yes/no)

If yes, please indicate your campus mail code or email address _____________________

Email this form to the Writing Center


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