Resident Assistants

Looking for ideas for your house and ways to engage your residents?  Completing UNI Traditions is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun! 

2012 Rider Hall Traditions Challenge Amazing Race
   Students outside of Rider Hall

Programming Ideas:

  • Play the Traditions version of JeopardyDOWNLOAD IT HERE or have a CATS representative present it at a house program or meeting for you!
  • Make a Traditions Challenge (ex. football game, Thursdaze, or a performance at Strayer-Wood Theatre) a house event and complete the challenge together.
  • Challenge and reward your residents to see who can complete the most traditions in one month or one semester.
  • Complete the Residence Hall challenge by simply taking a house photo and putting it in your books! 
  • Create a Traditions Challenge scavenger hunt!  The Traditions Committee has a few already designed that you can have presented as a program or you can create your own.  Join in on the fun Rider Hall and Noehren Hall had recently with their campus-wide Traditions scavenger hunts!

    Amazing Race team with Granite Panther          Amazing Race team outside of Greenhouse

            Granite Panther                                       Greenhouse


Bulletin Boards:

Need a new bulletin board theme for your floor?  Stop by the Alumni House for pre-made and laminated bulletin board pieces for you to check-out, or here are a few different options that have been used by UNI RAs in the past few months you can quickly download and print:

We are UNI                                    front cover  

              Interactive BB (MSWord)        Informational BB (MSPowerpoint)


And sample layouts to spark your creativity!

Gear House Bulletin Board           Bulletin Board   

Bulletin Board            Bulletin Board


Need help promoting Tradition days?  Take a look at this pre-made flyer that is easily customizable!

                       sample promotional flyer