Welcome to the world of the UNI Traditions Challenge, where you'll find all the information you need to become an official Traditions Keeper.  Using the Traditions Challenge Book throughout college will not only give you the opportunity to become a "True Panther" but show you exactly what the University of Northern Iowa has to offer.

The Traditions Challenge Book boasts a plethora of challenges.  It's is a "must-do" list of campus activities that everyone should participate in before graduation.  There really is something for everyone.  It includes athletics, musical/theatrical productions, visiting the museum, just hanging out at the dining center, plus much more.  UNI's traditions are part of our campus' continually evolving history.

Remember, the book is here to help you make memories as a Panther, so use it as you please.  Scrapbook in it to remember the good old days of college, let it serve as a guide for your explorations and search through it when referencing past and current information about your campus.  We want the book to make your years on the UNI campus unforgettable.

So be a part of history, be part of UNI, become an official Traditions Keeper!