Staying Productive

My Home Screen


One thing I noticed very soon as I began using my iPad as a tool and not a toy, was that to stay productive I needed to find a way to keep my Home Screen organized.  I had apps all over the place and was getting "tired" scrolling between screens.  My solution was to put all my tier one apps on the first home screen.  These would be things like bookmarks for sites I go to all the time, like the Iowa Core and UNI sites, photography apps, like the camera and Adobe Photoshop, as well as a number of other apps you can more or less see in the picture above.  

I also have a tier two Home Screen that I keep apps I use on an occasion.  Thes are things like Dropbox, calculator, drawing apps, reference apps, etc.  Typically I don't use these on a daily basis.

I also have a tier three Home Screen that is used entirely for games, movies, kid friendly apps, etc.  These are more fun type things I do when I'm not working.  In otherwords, apps I don't touch while I'm working, but want to keep on my iPad for when I'm in the car or when I'm with my son and we want to play/develop his skills on the iPad.

Now there is another way I increase my productivity and that's through the use of the "dock" style bar at the bottom of my screen.  The dock shows up on all Home Screens and is what I consider my top tier apps I need to have access to at all times.  You'll notice that on my dock I have two web browsers and four communication apps.  There is a limit of six apps in the dock, which is really a decent amount of apps to have on the dock.  Anymore and I'd likely get lost.

The iPad is only as powerful as you make it so ensure you are making the most of its potential by staying organized and productive!