Preventing in App Purchases

Many apps allow users to purchase items within the app to use in the app.  These are often "add-on" style items that enhance the app.  While there may be a number of benefits to these "add-ons" there certainly is a negative effect to them as well.  I'm talking about the potential of unwanted purchases, especailly if your children use your iPad and know your password!  Remember, your credit card is connected to your account and all you really need is your password to make a purchase.


Apple has made it possible to prevent these types of purchases from your iPad by turning on restirctions to your iPad for in app purchases.  I'd recommend doing this on your iPad and turn it off when you want to make a purchase, promptly turning it back on after the purchase is complete.  Remember this is only for in app purchases, not apps that you buy from the app store.


Here's what you need to do: 

  1. On iPad, touch the Settings app
  2. Then touch General
  3. Then touch Restrictions
  4. Then touch In-App Purchases Off