LEA Partners

A major part of the Iowa Teacher Quality Partnership Grant is partnering with small, rural school districts throughout the state.  These schools are classified as "high need" schools by the US Department of Education, which is based on the following criteria:

  • Eligibility for the Small Rural School Achievement program 
  • A teacher turnover rate of 16% in the previous school year or from the average of the last three years
  • Have a high level of free and reduced lunch constituients. It is important to note that "high need" does not in any way reflect on the achievement of the students.

In all, this grant will work with ten LEAs throughout the state.  For the third year of the grant, the Iowa TQP grant has partnered with nine school districts in the state.  These districts include: 

  • CAL Community School District
  • HLV Community School District
  • Midland Community School District
  • Springville Community School District
  • West Fork Community School District
  • Montezuma Community School District
  • Laurens-Marathon Community School District
  • West Bend-Mallard Community School District
  • Turkey Valley Community School District

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