Fall TQP Pilot Update

The TQP grant at UNI is in full swing.  Much has happened over the past few months, so here is an update on our progress thus far.

In June the UNI faculty who teach level three methods courses met and went through a  week long summit where they learned about the priorities of the grant and met many of the key players.  The sessions covered topics including: effective teaching, response to intervention, English language learners, blended learning, universal design for learning, rural education, and many more.  These topics and priorities are currently being targeted in the level three methods courses at UNI for the pilot project and will be implemented over the course of this school year and beyond.

In July we interviewed for a new position within the UNI TQP grant.  As we enter into the pilot project, the grant will need to place a number of students in our current partner schools.  Therefore we are happy to introduce Leasha Henriksen as the new Field Placement Coordinator for the grant.  Her responsibilities will be helping the UNI faculty place UNI students in the partner school districts.  She will serve as a liaison between the university and our partner districts.  We are excited to have her on board!

As we begin to bring August to a close we are getting into the full swing of the pilot.  We are currently working to find placements in our schools for about half of our faculty who are scheduled to teach their level three methods course this fall.  The rest will be working on placements for the spring semester.  We are also in the process of implementing the video conferencing technology that will be used to provide a more immersive experience for our pre-service teachers.  We hope to have all the equipment installed and ready to use within the next few weeks.

Times are certainly exciting at TQP.  As updates are available we will keep you informed!