Downloading an App

Downloading an app is straightforward for the most part.  The first thing you do is find an app you think you'd like to download.  If the app costs money, please note the cost, but in many cases, you can download the app for free.  Once you find the app you want to download, click where it says Free or the price of the app.  Where you just clicked will turn to Install App.  Press Install app again and then you will be prompted for your password for your Apple ID.  After entering the password, the app will be downloaded to your iPad.

Here are some pictures that go through the process:

Find an app you want to download and click free or the price of the app.


Confirm you want to download the app by clicking on Install App.


Enter your Apple ID password to download the app.


Your app will then be downloaded to your home screen. Download times will vary based on your Internet connection and the size of the app you're downloading.