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Iowa Writing Project celebrates 35 years of writing well

Iowa Writing Project
"If people can't write well, they don't think well. If they don't think well, other people will do the thinking for them." 
- George Orwell, English novelist and journalist.


This quote embodies the foundation of the Iowa Writing Project (IWP) located at the University of Northern Iowa. For 35 years, IWP has been improving the practice of the teaching of writing from kindergarten through college.

The dance of a lifetime

Michelle Obama doing Interlude Dance

Who would have thought that three University of Northern Iowa students' dance moves would become an international phenomenon, let alone earn them an invitation to teach the first lady of the United States the dance? We're of course talking about the Interlude Dance, a dance composed of six moves to the song "Interlude" by the group Attack Attack!

UNI seniors graduate...what comes next?

Student profiles

University of Northern Iowa seniors graduated Saturday, Dec. 17, in the McLeod Center. This is UNI profiled four students who graduated this fall and have already accepted a job or internship. These profiles are part two of two.

Emily Althoff  '11

It's graduation time...so what's next?

Graduation profiles

University of Northern Iowa students made it through finals week, and for some, Dec. 17 was the last time they entered the McLeod Center as a student.

This is UNI profiled four students who are graduating this fall and have already accepted a job or internship. These profiles are part one of two.

Josh Wilson  '11

Michele Bachmann discusses education at UNI

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann discusses education at UNI

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann kicked off the first of the University of Northern Iowa's Presidential Candidate Education Forums "Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities in Education Today."

UNI and Iowa Pubic Radio (IPR) teamed-up to host these forums that focus on policy initiatives related to education reform and broader implications for global competitiveness.

For more information about the forums and for future archived videos of the forums, visit www.uni.edu/presidentialforum.

UNI offers a variety of services for student veterans


Veterans Day Ribbon tying

UNI students tied yellow ribbons around trees on campus in recognition of Veterans Day.

UNI student veterans go from combat to classroom


"You carry the knowledge that you may have your life turned upside down at the

Foreign-born doctors walk in Iowans' shoes


Imagine walking into a room where people communicate solely with inside jokes. This is what it may feel like to be one of the many foreign-born doctors now practicing in the United States. Although actually speaking English may never have been a problem, there is a certain code for conversation that varies from state to state, and Iowa is no exception.

Iowa-Teach recruits the next generation of teachers


TC participates in the Iowa Teach Program

Not only do students get to experience field visits while enrolled in the Iowa-Teach Program, TC gets the chance to participate as well.