Connecting the university with the community

Lifelong University

It's easy to go beyond the classroom and into the community with the University of Northern Iowa's Lifelong University and Speakers Bureau. These programs have a great impact on individuals, businesses and communities in Iowa.

Lifelong University

UNI's Lifelong University (LLU) launched in 2005 to offer short-term, noncredit courses to the lifelong learner.

Students educating students about UNI

UNI student

College students typically have a long winter break. It's a time to travel, visit family and friends and relax before starting the spring semester. The University of Northern Iowa is no exception to the long break, and what better way to spend it than educating high school students about all UNI has to offer!

UNI's Panther Push is an outreach program that gives students the opportunity to return to their high schools to offer prospective students insights about life on campus.

The future looks bright

Job outlook

It's an exciting time at UNI – nearly 800 students will graduate this semester. These students look forward to starting the next chapter in their lives. For most, that means finding a job.

Traditions run deep in UNI men's glee club

UNI men's glee club

The University of Northern Iowa Varsity Men's Glee Club, founded in 1960, is one of the oldest functioning student organizations on campus.

"We're fortunate to have such a rich history and supportive community," said John Wiles, director of the glee club.

Financial literacy aids students in college

Financial aid graphic

In 2010, more than 85 percent of UNI students were receiving some sort of financial aid to pay for their education. With the costs of higher public education debated from the living room to the oval office, it's increasingly important for each student to understand their financial expectations.

One professor's road trip through education

Professor Nick Pace

Eighteen years later as an educator and leader, Nick Pace, an associate professor in  educational leadership and postsecondary education, knows he's made the right decision. But his journey didn't start in education. As a '92 graduate of UNI with a sociology degree, he went on to work for the Missouri Department of Mental Health in Kansas City, Mo. He worked with people with severe mental illnesses to help them manage their daily lives. He was heartbroken and inspired at the same time seeing the obstacles they faced.

UNI political science professors share their expertise

Political science experts

With the presidential election drawing near, and the campaigns finally coming to an end, University of Northern Iowa's political science professors have expertise to share. They have experience in a wide range of topics, including public polling, voting behavior, presidential rhetoric and much more.

UNI color guard member marches to her own beat

Sylvia Townsend

Sylvia Townsend, a freshman at the University of Northern Iowa, can still remember the exact moment when she decided that she wanted to do color guard. She was in eighth grade, and a group from Des Moines Lincoln High School came to her middle school to perform.

It's tour time!

Campus tour

You see them all over campus, usually leading a group of prospective students and parents on campus tours. You'll also notice something unique about the people leading these groups, they're almost always walking backwards, constantly engaging students with questions and facts about the university, telling them which buildings house which majors, and making sure they have the time of their lives!

James Leach spreads message of civility

James Leach

James Leach, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and former Iowa member of the U.S. House of Representatives, presented "Civility in 2012 and Beyond" as part of the University of Northern Iowa's Reaching for Higher Ground Series.