The Sweetest Swing in Baseball

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By: Rebecca Gilman

Rebecca Gilman’s The Sweetest Swing in Baseball opens the 2014-15 Theatre UNI season, and is about a struggling artist whose mental discrepancies land her in a mental ward. After being told her insurance will only cover 10 days in the ward, Dana Fielding decides to adopt an alternate personality in order to convince her counselor (and insurance company) that she is in further need of help. She is coached into being former Baseball player Darryl Strawberry by two of her fellow patients, Michael and Gary, as they help her try to avoid being released back into the “real world” where she feels lost and disconnected. The show humorously embodies the idea that sometimes we need a bit of a mental break to help us through our rough patches.

Directed by: Steve Taft

Dates & Times

October 9, 2014 - 7:30pm


Bertha Martn Theatre

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