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Monday, September 13, 2010

More excitement from the Costume Shop!!The highlight of last week had to be the fittings for the ladies of the cast.  I took photos of Rachel being fitted in her mock up for Mrs. Hardcastle.

She has a period corset that will change her silhouette.  Just ask anyone who's worn one of these period corsets, it makes you stand entirely differently!  And breath.  And walk.   Sitting--who sits?  These women perch like a bird on the edge of a stool or chair!

To enhance those hips, pannier buckets are added to the sides.  These actually can be tied on with strings or put onto a waistband belt.  So then there's the big-ole petticoat.  Over the buckets is a petticoat made of quilted fabric.  This will help enhance the volume, or footprint, if you will, of the skirt, but help them pass through doorways, for example.  They can just "crunch up" the skirt at the bottom, and maybe slip through the space.  Rachel looks like she is floating around with that big skirt on!

Over the petticoat is the bodice with the Watteau train attached.  And then, of course, a very large skirt, in addition.  We ought to weigh one of them to see how much these women are carrying around with themselves.  These skirts  will be embellished with trim and fabric we are marbling.  That's a whole other process we will begin next week.  Lots of new techniques on this show, as every show.  We all learn something new.

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