Conquering She Stoops to Conquer Costumes

Monday, September 13, 2010

This news from the Costume Shop's Amy RohrBerg!!

It was a busy week in the UNI/Strayer-Wood Costume Studio.

Costume renderings have been shared with the director and the rest of the design team.  Now they are posted in the Studio so anyone can see what we intend these costumes to look like and they can see the characters together.   We have a very interesting palette of colors.  Hardcastle-related persons will have colors that match the home that they live and work in.  Those coming from the outside carry colors that are bright and sunny, fun I hope.  The gowns from this period, that of George Washington, have lots of fabric.  Panniers add width to the women's hips when you look at them from the front.  A profile view is deceiving, they look almost "normal" in their silhouette.  the guys will be in britches and fancy shoes.  I don't even want to start with the wigs, more to come!

TA's and those in the Patterning class have been hard at work drafting patterns of the clothing we will make.  We have also begun  to sew mock-ups of muslin fabric  for each garment.  After the fitting in the mock-up,  those adjustments are made to the paper patterns so that we can then go ahead and make the costumes again in the fabric chosen for the show.

Fittings also happened almost every day to assign rehearsal garments, mostly shoes, to members of the cast so that the adjustment to those peculiar costumes might be more easily done.

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