A Day in the Life...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ahhh... life in the theatre...  

We put in a lot of effort and hard work to make plays; I think sometimes we forget about the sacrifices that go in to the work we do, and Professor Cynthia Goatley's depiction of her "Day in the Life" is a great testament to that.  Cynthia recently directed our mainstage production of Mad Forest and here, she chronicles her activities just a few days after opening.


11:11              At school.  Got here around 10 and completely forgot to start this blog.  I have sent out numerous e-mails--PAC, Recruitment and Retention Committee (a meeting that I missed), and Eric.  I am now working on my Associate Artistic Director Duties for today.  I reported to Eric that no one had taken advantage of the Dress Rehearsal option that we sent out to area High Schools.  I proposed some ways to get this to work.

Talked with Gretta about Mad Forest.  Talked with Susan about Mad Forest.  Lots of good comments!  I’m still flying high on the Respondent’s embrace of my work as a director.

11:23              Working on the website.  Can’t understand an odd note to myself so I have asked Eric what we wanted to do.  Suggested where to place “What Theatre Majors Can Do” on our website.  Drafting something about the Regent’s Award and our departmental winners to place on the website.

11:30?           Jay dropped by to congratulate me on the show.

11:3:                Blurb for Regents Award winner complete and forwarded to Eric with an idea about placement on our website.

12:11               Last work for Eric completed on website:  links of information about Meisner, Adler, Strasberg, and Suzuki completed.  Feedback given to Eric about the Missouri State University website.  I’ve completed my Associate Artistic Director work for today.  On to preparing for my TAS class tomorrow.

12:16              Richard just dropped by to chat about the show. 

12:28              Working on this week’s classes for TAS.  I need to lecture about Theatricalism and discuss Angels in America for Tuesday.  For Thursday, we will discuss Musical Theatre.

12:50              My phone alarm just went off to go back to the office after lunch.  I have forgotten to eat lunch again.  I will look for my notes on Musical Theatre before going.  The Theatricalism lecture and power point is in good shape.  I need to read Angels in America again.  I’ll do that tonight.

1:05                I still haven’t gone to lunch.  I am moving things around in TAS this week to provide time for the class to view Tony Kushner’s Angels in America:  Part II, Perestroika.  We read Part I and viewed part of it.  My TAS students are very interested in seeing Part II.  How to get everything in the class?  Musical theatre will be a series of web links that they will view.

1:40:               A student dropped by.  I still haven’t eaten.  I am trying to update faculty bios on the website and I find that I don’t have the font I need to do that.  What now?

2:24:               Gretta shared a bit of lunch with me to get my blood sugar up. 

3:15:               Experienced a little post-show depression this afternoon. Gretta asks me why I’m not home yet.  Well, I want to get this power point prepared on musical theatre for my students in TAS.  Yes, now it is a power point and not just web links.

4:30:                I’ve finished my Musical Theatre power point for my TAS class.  I wanted to call it “Musical Theatre:  A Few Clips,” but of course that is an invalid name due to the colons.  It’s time to go home.  I’ve got to go by the grocery store and pick up some food for tonight, take back some gels pens that don’t work to Staples, and get a new printer cartridge.  What I really want to do is see if T.J. Maxx has some shoes I like.  Maybe we could eat out.  I’m tired.

5:01:                Still at school.  That always happens.  I’m too tired to shop for groceries or for shoes, so I’m waiting until Becky gets out of orchestra to see if I can persuade her to go out and eat.

5:08:               Meeting for dinner at 5:45. 

5:45:               Dinner at Brown Bottle.

6:30                Home to sit in my chair and watch some TV.  It’s a treat!—the chair, not the TV.  Nothing on television.  Watched Salt again which was as mediocre as I remember it.

9:30                To bed to read.  Reading plays for season.  I’m on Durang’s Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them.  It is drop dead funny.  I love Durang!

Obviously, I went to bed at some point as I am here again this morning, waiting to go teach my class at 12:30pm—4 minutes.  Got to go.

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