Steve Taft, Part 3!

Friday, February 25, 2011

(Note from the editor: On the Verge opened last night, 2/24, but there was a delay in posting this blog entry.  boo...hisss... sorry...)

Well it’s another cloudy day outside, but if you want to see something to brighten your day and warm you up be sure to check out On the Verge as tonight is OPENING NIGHT!  I attended dress rehearsal last night and was thoroughly engaged witnessing a creative ensemble in every respect. Direction, design, acting, and crew were all rather impressive.  I rarely laugh OUT LOUD but I must admit I was last night. And on those quiet moments, you could hear a pin drop.

I’m in final preparations for a presentation on “Teaching Theatre Online and Embracing Technology” at the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) next week in Atlanta.  It will be nice to experience some warmer weather and see former colleagues and students and form some new alliances as well.

Other than that it’s been a week of grading, class preparation, reading plays and all the fun stuff we do as professors. 

Have a great day.

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