Steve Taft, Part 2!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Theatrical Arts & Society students have ONE opportunity to attend an event on campus to gain a whopping TEN extra points.  They must turn in a one-page response to the event as well.  Such opportunities this semester have included or will include Department Design Presentations and UNISTA events such as Betrayal, My First Time and the upcoming Ten-Minute Play Festival.  Our students involved in such productions should know that on-campus students appreciate such work.  It’s another testament that stripped-down, bare-bones theatre can affect people in a positive way.  For instance, one student writes:  “The theatrical performance of My First Time was a very disturbing, exciting, and heartbreaking event.”  The student goes on to say:  “The most touching and powerful scenes in the play were when the atmosphere was serious.  Most people think of their first time as something that was either funny or pleasurable, but we fail to consider the ones in which their first time wasn’t a choice . . . .”  As we move toward an exciting opening night of On the Verge this week and Urinetown in the future, TAS students will begin to see the application of design elements into the respective productions and have the opportunity to provide their impressions in longer, more detailed response papers.

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