Get excited.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've been meaning to blog. really.  I have.

It's been on my to do list all summer.  I even started a whole other blog and deleted it because I thought it was dumb.  I wrote this whole thing about how it's been a year since I arrived on campus, and how I felt about it, and how our students change and grow, and how facts are different than feelings... and how you feel about something isn't really how it really is, and how something really is should not dictate how you feel about something...

Then, I wrote this whole other thing which was a very clever parody of The Night Before Christmas, entitled, "The Week Before School Starts", but I deleted that, too, cause it was even more dumb than the first blog.

So, as I'm sitting here writing my third dumb blog about blogging (I'm so meta) I'll just say this:  Get excited

If you're a student reading this -- you have no idea what we're about to get into.  October is going to be amazing and challenging, and will stretch you as an artist and a student.  Get your planners out, stay open minded, settle in to your dorm, put on your "collaborating" hat... but get excited.

To all the parents -- thanks for allowing your student to be here with us and give us a chance to help them grow.  No matter their level of involvement or expertise, no matter their goals... we're going to meet them where they're at and share our art with them.  And that is a reason for you to get excited.

And if you plan to be an audience member this semester-- hold on to your hats.  We have things in store you have never seen from us before.  Surprises, readings, residencies, talkbacks... it's all here.  We know that what we put on stage is only half of the equation, and you are why we do what we do.  We know you believe in supporting student artists. And we know that having tickets in your hand to a show is a reason to get excited.

So, I'm stressed and busy and sick and cranky... I'm trying to get the new Sturgis Youth Theatre brochure together, and plan the Iowa Thepsians Festival, and staff the Box Office, and prepare for auditions, and update syllabi...

blah, blah, blah... so is everyone else.

But when I think about seeing my students, opening the Box Office, running the Thespians Festival, casting the shows, distributing the posters, scheduling meetings, handing out the syllabi, updating the calendar, revising the postcards, staffing the shows, renting golfcarts, and meeting new students... I have to admit...

I get a little excited. 

I get a little excited because I get to do all these things.  I get to do all these things.  So, I'm excited.

See you all on Monday. :)


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