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UNI's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the Liberal Arts education of those students who have a passion for theatre. We currently serve close to 120 majors and minors. Working with strong faculty, a well-designed and well-equipped facility with three performance spaces, and strong budgets, we use the classroom experience and productions to teach you the art, craft, and process of communicating through theatre.

Latest News

September 03, 2014

We have cast both of our fall 2014 productions and we are more than happy with the results! Rehearsals have already begun and the final product should be something to see! The first listed  is the cast for Love and Information, and the second for The Sweetest Swing in Baseball.

Hair 2000
Hair - 2000
Music Theatre Class 2011
Music Theatre Class - 2011
Lights 2007
Lights - 2007
I Ain't Yo Uncle 2000
I Ain't Yo Uncle - 2000
Antigone 2006
Antigone - 2006
Creativity and Performance class 2011
Creativity and Performance class - 2011