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UNI's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the Liberal Arts education of those students who have a passion for theatre. We currently serve close to 100 majors from all across Iowa- many of them from your home town. Working with strong faculty, a well-designed and well-equipped facility with three performance spaces, and strong budgets, we use the classroom experience and productions to teach you the art, craft, and process of communicating through theatre.

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April 24, 2014

One of the more special classes offered this Spring semester is Stage Combat, taught by our Voice and Movement Profesor Matt Weedman.

When asked why the class was so important Matt responded, "The goal of the stage combat class is to help actors learn how to truthfully and realistically depict stage violence in a way that contributes to the story of a play. Students learn how to accomplish this goal in both unarmed combat and single sword choreography with an overarching emphasis on safety and clarity of movement". 

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Creativity and Performance class 2011
Creativity and Performance class - 2011