Theatre UNI's The Great God Pan is preparing for their opening next week

Nick Mayhugh and Sarah Kramer spend a Sunday afternoon preparing the set.

"Theatre UNI Presents The Great God Pan. It’s been over 25 years since Jamie has been with his childhood friend, Frank, and now, in the midst of a blossoming career and personal life, Frank tells Jamie that he may have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Promising to be a heartwrenching production, this workshopped piece will show us what it’s like to be truly exposed and vulnerable and what happens when we can no longer hide those feelings.  

Alumnae presents workshop on Mindfulness


This past Monday afternoon, The Department had the privilege of hosting a workshop featuring former alumnae of the Department, Sarah Noll. The workshop, titled, Mindful Presence, focused on the idea that we spend a majority of our days on autopilot, and we do this instead of being aware of what surrounds us in our everyday lives. The goal for the afternoon was to be present, in the moment, and to change the way our brains think to a more positive mindset.

Theatre for Youth Students Trip to the Rose


The weekend of January 16th and 17th six Theatre for Youth students were given the opportunity to travel to Omaha, Nebraska to the Rose Theatre to interview and audition for one of the Rose’s coveted Summer Internships or year long fellowshpis. The six students, Zachary Atha, Martin Wessels, Alicia Leto, Olivia Frisch, Jennifer Guy, and Jessica Geidel were audience to an exclusive performance of the Rose’s new production, Balloonacy.

Iowa Thespian Festival 2014

We were proud to host the Iowa Thespian Festival for the 5th year in a row. The weekend was a great success and we were more than pleased with the outcome. For more photos visit the Strayer-Wood Facebook Page.

Casting is Complete!

We have cast both of our fall 2014 productions and we are more than happy with the results! Rehearsals have already begun and the final product should be something to see! The first listed  is the cast for Love and Information, and the second for The Sweetest Swing in Baseball.

Spring 2014 Curriculum: Stage Combat

One of the more special classes offered this Spring semester is Stage Combat, taught by our Voice and Movement Profesor Matt Weedman.

When asked why the class was so important Matt responded, "The goal of the stage combat class is to help actors learn how to truthfully and realistically depict stage violence in a way that contributes to the story of a play. Students learn how to accomplish this goal in both unarmed combat and single sword choreography with an overarching emphasis on safety and clarity of movement". 

Alumni News

Alex Westrum, a 2013 graduate of our department, is currently on tour with the Disney Live shows. He came across this job when our Technical Director, Ron Koinzan, received information about an opening for the productions and recommended Alex for the position. Below, Alex describes what his job entails:

Alumni Updates

Brad Carlson is a UNI alumni who graduated in 2003. Currently, he is the Assistant Professor of Scenic Design at the University of Missouri. Most recently, Brad was recognized by the American College Theatre Festival as a production critique. This award recognizes his serivces as he goes to other universities productions and gives constructive feedback. Below, Brad describes what the award means for him:

Mauritius featured on Arts Overlook!

We once again have the pleasure on being featured in Arts Overlook in honor of opening our show, Mauritius, this weekend. The episode is available on YouTube, as well as the several times it will air daily on Channel 17.

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