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Department of Theatre

UNI's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the Liberal Arts education of those students who have a passion for theatre. We currently serve close to 120 majors and minors. Working with strong faculty, a well-designed and well-equipped facility with three performance spaces, and strong budgets, we use the classroom experience and productions to teach you the art, craft, and process of communicating through theatre.

Latest News

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

Several of our students will be embarking on cross country journies in order to articipate in their sumemr internships. Although they are going a bit far from home, they are positive that the work they will accomplish this coming summer will benefit them greatly for years to come.

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015

Our alumni go across the world in pursuit of their dream, others stay close to home in hopes of spreading the world of theatre to those in our own backyard. This is the exact case of Thomas White and Bailey Otto, two Theatre UNI alumni who have found a home only about a two hours drive from our campus. The Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, Minnesota opened it’s doors in 2007 and has been thriving ever since. The Commonweal Theatre runs predominantly on the donations of over 700 individual donors with whom they have a personal relationship.

Monday, Mar 30, 2015

"Theatre UNI Presents The Great God Pan. It’s been over 25 years since Jamie has been with his childhood friend, Frank, and now, in the midst of a blossoming career and personal life, Frank tells Jamie that he may have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Promising to be a heartwrenching production, this workshopped piece will show us what it’s like to be truly exposed and vulnerable and what happens when we can no longer hide those feelings.