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Department of Technology


What is Technology Education?

The Technology Education program at UNI prepares students to become middle school, junior high and high school teachers of Industrial Technology in Iowa, as well as other places around the country.  The teaching focus of the program is the nature of technology and its effects on society, to experience problem solving through design, innovation, and practical abilities needed for working and living in our technological world.  Students also learn to integrate science, engineering, and mathematics into technology by taking courses in the development, production, use, and assessment of technological systems.  These include construction, communication, energy and power, manufacturing, and transportation.  Students who major in this program can choose an emphasis among these technological systems.  The program also includes exploration of careers associated with these broad areas.  Technology teacher candidates learn to plan their curriculum, apply suitable teaching strategies and methods, and manage both traditional and contemporary instructional laboratories.

Project Lead The Way.  Students who complete the program can automatically receive national certification upon graduation to teach the following PLTW courses:

  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Digital Electronics

If you are in, or have already taken any of these high school PLTW courses, you may be eligible for college credit towards the program. Contact the department office or program coordinator for details.

Department Office

(319) 273-2561

Dr. Douglas Hotek, Program Coordinator

(319) 273-2489

Scholarship Opportunities.  Many are available.  Contact the department office or program coordinator for details.

Student Involvement.  Professional organizations open to Technology Education students include the Technology Education Collegiate Association and other technology related student organizations.


Will I Get A Job?

Students who successfully complete this Bachelor of Arts degree can receive an Iowa teacher license in Industrial Technology.  Since there is a critical shortage of technology education/industrial technology teachers in Iowa and throughout the country, virtually 100% of the graduates of our Technology Education program find jobs within a year of their graduation if they chose to teach.  Secondary school administrators and teachers from around Iowa and surrounding states consistently request graduates of UNI’s Technology Education program.  UNI is the only Iowa Regents institution that offers a technology teacher preparation program at the undergraduate level.  The demand for technology education/industrial technology teachers is more than UNI’s Technology Education program can fulfill.

Salary and Benefits.   According to the Iowa Department of Education (2009-10), the average (9 month) salary for beginning technology education/industrial technology teachers is $36.5K…….which is comparable to a $48.5K annual 12 month salary in other occupations.  Teachers employed by the State of Iowa receive membership in the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS), a dependable and economical retirement plan that helps maintain financial independence after retirement. The benefits paid to members are secure and guaranteed for life.


Semester Hour Requirements

 UNI’s Technology Education program—2010-2012 requires 126 total semester hours (SH) for graduation.  It is made up of Technical courses (50 SH), Liberal Arts courses (41 SH), Teacher Licensure courses (30 SH) and University Elective courses (5 SH).  We also offer a minor in Technology Education 31-34 SH.  See UNI Catalog for a complete list and description of courses.