Department of Technology

Technology Co-op Information

Procedure for Involvement for Credit

1.  Go to the Career Services webpage – - click on Information for Students, then Faculty Approval Form.  Fill out the form and submit.  The Co-op office will make sure you meet all requirements for the department.  

The requirements for receiving credit in the Technology Department are listed below:

Cooperative Education is strongly recommended for all students in Technology to acquire work experience related to your intended career.  The candidate must be a declared major in the Department of Technology, of junior status with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and have at least one semester completed at UNI.  Any waiver of departmental requirements requires the approval of the coordinator of the major, the departmental co-op supervisor and the department head.  Student will fill out the Faculty Approval Form on-line and submit it. If UNI GPA is under 2.5, Department Head will approve or deny.  The faculty co-op supervisor is:  Dr. Ali Kashef.  Credit is earned for 80 clock hours of work experience equaling one semester hour of credit. 

Major Elective; Graded. 3 hour maximum per semester.  (5/08)

Graphic Technologies: A Co-op is required for at least 3 SH for students receiving the BA degree in the major.  Eligibility includes meeting the departmental requirements, as stated above, plus completion of a minimum of 11 semester hours of Graphic Communications technical courses, one of which must be 330:055. 

Required Major Credit; Graded basis.  (5/08)

Manufacturing Technology: Cooperative Education is required for at least 1 SH for students receiving the BS degree in Manufacturing Technology. 

Major Credit; Graded basis for the first placement. 

Succeeding placements may be on a Credit/No Credit basis or Graded basis.  (5/08)

Technology Management:  University/General Elective; Technical Elective; Graded basis (5/08) 

Construction Management:  University/General Elective; Graded basis (5/08)

Electrical Engineering Technology:  University/General Elective; Graded basis (5/08)
Technology Education:  University/General Elective; Graded basis.  (5/08)

2.  After you have submitted the Faculty Approval Form and meet all the requirements, you will receive an email instructing you to call the Co-op Office at 273.6041 to make an appointment with a Career Services staff member to begin your paperwork (please wait to receive the email before making the appointment with Career Services).  If you already have a position for your co-op, you need to fill out the Co-op Agreement for Credit if you wish to receive credit hours for your co-op.  The Co-op Agreement for Credit can be found at

3. After your appointment with Career Services, take a copy of the Co-op Agreement for Credit to the Technology Department (Vickie Turner).  Vickie will get the signatures of Dr. Kashef and Dr. James Maxwell, the Department Head.  Vickie will send the signed agreement to the Co-op Office and once the Co-op office receives it, you will be registered.  An administrative fee of $15 will be charged.


4.  Begin employment and complete course requirements as specified by the course syllabus.

Cooperative Education Contacts:

Department of Technology:
(319) 273-2596
ITC 42 0178

Coop/internship program:
Julie Grosse, Co-op Secretary
102 Gilchrist

Option for no credit