Teacher Education

Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

A Teacher Work Sample (TWS) is a document written by you that helps you connect practice with the ideas and skills you have learned in your course and field experiences. It shows evidence of your ability to:

  • design and implement standards-based instruction;
  • assess student learning; 
  • reflect on the teaching and learning process;
  • provide credible evidence of your ability to facilitate learning in all your students.

Your professors assist you in creating a quality TWS:

  • You learn to complete a modified TWS in your Level II field experience course, and some students will also complete a TWS in their III field experience.
  • You create a final TWS during student teaching for evaluation by trained evaluators that include practicing teachers in your major as well as your professors.

The Teacher Work Sample showcases your preparation to teach:

  • Along with classroom observations and other measures, the TWS allows faculty to assess your performance relative to national and state teaching standards.
  • The final TWS is a reflection of your work and can be an important artifact in acquiring the teaching position of your choice.
  • The TWS is very consistent with what you will be asked to do to gain your permanent teaching license.

NOTE: Some students may be required to complete a Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) in lieu of a TWS during student teaching. The TPA is similar in many ways to the TWS, and may become a requirement for all student teachers in the future. The Iowa Department of Education may also make the TPA a requirement for licensure in the future.