Teacher Education

Advisory Boards

The Teacher Education Program Improvement Board is an advisory board convened by the two Coordinators, made up of: practitioners from schools from each of the following areas: 1) PreK-12 special areas (art, music, PE/health and special education), 2) PreK - Elementary, 3) Secondary. It will also include three administrators (one PreK-Elementary, one middle school, one high school) and Teacher Education Faculty members.

PreK-12 special areas  -  Jodie Victoria- Art (Denver), Paul Elser- PE (Cedar Falls High School), Sarah Schaefer- Theatre (Waukee MS)

PreK - Elementary  – Kim Abbas (North Cedar- Cedar Falls), Jessica Bieber (West- Emmetsburg)

Secondary  – Alex Abbe- Social Studies (Colo Nesco) , Ryan Lensing - Science (Dowling Catholic), Kevin Kemp -Math (Central Middle School- Waterloo), Kirstey Ewald- English  (Charles City)

Administrators  – Brian Moretz- Jr/Sr High (Montezuma), Mark Moody- High School (Clear Creek Amana), Kim Tierney- Elementary (Denver)

Faculty appointed by Elementary Senate – Trey Leech (PE)

Faculty appointed by Secondary Senate - Marilyn Shaw (Communications)

Undergraduate Teacher Education Student Advisory Council (UTESAC) is an advisory board convened by the two coordinators at least twice each semester and as needed.  Members are appointed by the Coordinators with the recommendation of the Senates and individual programs. It will include  undergraduate students from the PreK and Elementary program,  undergraduate students from Secondary programs, and undergraduate students from PreK-12 Special Areas (art, music, PE/health, and special education).

Undergraduates secondary:

Allysha Whitsell


Megan Blackford


Jack Delaney


Emily Bruns



Undergraduates PreK and Elementary: 

Grant Pollock

El Ed

Samantha Swanson

El Ed

Sarah Koch

El Ed

Morgan Misfledt


Megan Mass



Undergraduates from PreK-12 Special areas:

Morgan Gibbins


Wade Laughridge


Morgan Kramer