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Teaching strategies are actions that can be taken to enhance student learning. Web resources for selected teaching strategies are organized within eight topics, with associated key questions:
  • Course Design: How do I define the goals for a course and then apply the goals to each class session?
  • Lecturing: How can the preparation and delivery of my lectures attract students to the subject matter, maintain their attention, and, through pacing and variety, enable students to be not only an audience but also intellectual participants?
  • Discussion: How will engaging my students in thoughtful conversation enhance their understanding and help me monitor the progress of their learning?
  • Writing: How can the writing of my students enable them to understand what they are learning as they grow in their ability to express ideas and critically evaluate information?
  • Technology: Which technologies can I select, develop, and/or use to enhance my teaching and the learning of my students?
  • Other Active Learning Strategies: How can small groups be used effectively to promote active learning in my course?
  • Testing and Grading: How can I assess the achievement of my students positively, fairly, and accurately so that testing and grading enrich their motivation to learn?
  • Feedback: How can I monitor the effectiveness of my teaching early and frequently enough in the semester that my students benefit from any changes I wish to make?

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