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Many of the resources collected under the topics of Tools for Teaching, Teaching Strategies, and Diversity & Community are useful teaching larger classes. However, larger classes are also a unique species in higher education with some challenges and opportunities that are different from smaller classes and seminars. Web resources particularly selected for their application in larger classes are organized within six topics and related questions below: 
  • Larger Class Teaching Guides: What have universities discovered about large-class teaching, especially as to details of organization, decisions about subject matter, and ground rules that encourage student participation?
  • Lecturing to Larger Classes:  How can I best organize my ideas, review the effectiveness of my classroom communication, and develop sufficient variety to gain and maintain student interest in a larger class?
  • Discussion in Larger Classes: Which forms of discussion can I use in a larger class to stimulate student involvement, add variety, and generate feedback on student learning?
  • Writing for Larger Classes: How can writing assignments for in-class work, graded and non-graded exercises, lecture summaries, and other applications enhance student learning?
  • Technology in Larger Classes: Which considerations are essential for instructors of larger classes who wish to use technology for enhancing student learning?
  • Other Active Learning Strategies for Larger Classes: How can small groups be used effectively to promote student learning in larger classes?

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