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Parker Palmer Videos Available Online

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching is proud to have hosted the visit of Dr. Parker Palmer to the UNI campus on September 20, 2000. Dr. Palmer is a writer, teacher, and activist who works independently on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality, and social change. He travels widely giving workshops, lectures and retreats. 

In 1998, based on a survey of 11,000 faculty and administrators, Dr. Palmer was named as one of the thirty "most influential senior leaders" in higher education and one of the ten key "agenda-setters" of the past decade. Along with over 100 essays and 10 poems, Dr. Palmer has recently published widely read books such as The Active Life (1999), The Courage to Teach (1998), and To Know As We Are Known (1993). 

To view an online video of Dr. Palmer's presentation, follow one of the links above. Two sessions are available online: "Social Justice as a Theme in Higher Education," and "Honor Thy Teacher: Educational Reform from the Inside Out." You will need Real Player to view these videos; to download a copy, follow this link to Real.com. We thank the Center for Educational Technology for preparing the online format of these videos.

Other Videos Available from the Center

"Small-Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)" is a video filmed by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching. It is designed to demonstrate this helpful feedback technique. Contact the Center to view or check out this video.

"Faculty Development... Who Needs It?" was produced by Brigham Young University. Contact the Center to view or check out this video.


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