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As a result of faculty initiative at the 1995 University-wide conference on teaching and learning, the Qualities of an Education Person (QEP) project was recommended and approved as part of the UNI strategic plan for 1996-2001. The charge for the project was stated as follows:

"Identify the qualities of an educated person that characterize a UNI graduate and translate these qualities into curricular and co-curricular activities." 

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching was designated by the Provost's office as the unit for organizing and coordinating the QEP Project. An ad-hoc QEP Project Group of 13 was appointed by the Provost's office in spring 1996 to launch the project, and that group was expanded in spring 1997 to 21 faculty and one staff member, all of who served through fall 1998. In spring 1999, based on widespread feedback from all segments of the University community, an entirely new QEP Task Group of 14 (four students, six faculty, one academic administrator, and three professional staff) was commissioned to complete the project. While the QEP process is never-ending, the final "product" from the QEP project was a vision for UNI undergraduate education, including goals and a design for learning experiences that integrate what was learned over a three-year period (1996-1999).

The major benchmarks and products of the QEP project are identified below. If you wish to learn more about accomplishments of the QEP project, select one of these five options. Each links to a document in PDF format.

  • Project Group Discussion Report: What background discussion and considerations went into the initial draft of the proposed qualities for UNI graduates?
  • Qualities for UNI Graduates: Which consensus qualities for UNI graduates were identified through several field tests with faculty, students, and staff?
  • Student Essays: How did a sample of UNI students interpret their undergraduate experience in light of the concensus qualities for UNI graduates?
  • Experimental Projects: Which experimental projects demonstrated potential curricular and co-curricular applications of the qualities for UNI graduates?
  • Learning with Vision: From the perspective of the entire UNI undergraduate experience, which proposals for curriculum reform emerged from the QEP project?

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