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Faculty who wish to improve their teaching often can benefit from a one-on-one process with an instructional consultant.

The instructional consultant can help faculty:

  • Design a course syllabus
  • Interpret and draw implications from results of end-of-course student evaluations
  • Examine, and make suggestions for improving, student assessment instruments (such as quizzes, tests, exams, papers, projects) and grading practices
  • Diagnose leading strategies for strengthening areas where improvement is needed
  • Gather and use student feedback before mid-term and while the course is still in process and can be changed if necessary
  • To arrange for a consultation, or to find out more about these services, contact the Center at 273-5858 or by email at TeachCtr@uni.edu

All consultations are treated confidentially. Any data provided during the consultation belongs to the faculty member, who then can choose whether and with whom to share the information. 


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