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  The 2002 staff of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching are Edward Amend and G. Roger Sell. 

G. Roger Sell, formerly Director of the Center, is currently Director of the Academic
Development Center at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Prior to coming to
UNI in January 1993, he served as a research associate, faculty member, and administrator at
several institutions, including the Teaching Research Division of the Oregon State System of
Higher Education (as an instructor and assistant professor); the University of California at
Santa Barbara (where he earned his Ph.D.); the University of Nebraska (in the SUN and UMA
distance learning programs); the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
in Boulder, Colorado (as a senior research associate); and The Ohio State University (as a
faculty member and senior program director in the Center for Teaching Excellence). 

Edward Amend, professor emeritus and former head of Philosophy and Religion, serves as a
part-time consultant for faculty development and course evaluation. During his 30 years on the
UNI faculty, Amend taught the Humanities I and II sequence, courses on Hebrew and Christian
scriptures, and aesthetics. During the 1970's, he was honors director and director of Individual
Studies. Many of his service activities on the UNI faculty were related to curriculum
development and General Education. Amend's Ph.D. is from the University of Chicago in the
interdisciplinary field of theology and literature. He is currently arranging Teaching Renewal
seminars, and is available for Small Group Instructional Diagnosis and individual conferences
with faculty regarding college teaching and learning. 

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