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The mission of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching is to engage UNI faculty and others in efforts to enhance teaching effectiveness. Consultations, seminars, projects, and other activities are aimed at accomplishing several goals related to the improvement of teaching and learning, such as the following:

  • Fostering an understanding of the importance of quality instruction
  • Providing resources for the evaluation and improvement of teaching
  • Encouraging recognition and reward of good teaching in all disciplines
  • Supporting research on teaching and learning
  • Promoting a balanced view of scholarship that values teaching, research and service
  • Pioneering ongoing improvements at a university-wide level, with a special focus on issues such as general education, class size, technology usage, and diversity among faculty and students.

A critique of goals that have guided the Center in fulfilling its mission is found in the April 2001 Report to UNI Faculty Senate, prepared by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Advisory Committee.


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