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The University of Northern Iowa's current strategic plan (2001-2006) describes its vision "...to be the nation's finest comprehensive university, known for high quality learning environments and a genuine sense of community." Excellence in teaching and a campus-wide culture of putting "Students First" have been selected as the cornerstones for attaining the UNI vision. 

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching offers programs, activities, and resources to support excellent teaching throughout the university. This website is designed for UNI faculty and others interested in practices that strive toward excellent teaching.

Below is a list of QuickLinks, each of which will take you to a page in the Web Resources section. These pages give you access to practical teaching advice and tips from teaching and learning centers around the world.
  • Tools for Teaching: Where can I find a compendium of resources and practical, step-by-step advice toward achieving excellence in teaching?
  • Teaching Strategies: How can I plan and implement my courses for attaining the excellence I desire in both my teaching and my students' learning?
  • Larger Classes: Which practices and resources can help me attain excellence when teaching larger classes?
  • Diversity & Community: What can I do to strengthen both my class and university as a learning community that respects and appreciates diversity
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