Team TC/TK

Meet the team!


Candra BarnesTC and security

Year: Junior
Major: Family Services major with a minor in LYHS
Favorite TC/TK Memory: TK and TC dancing with the Toy R' Us Giraffe!
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: Because it is a great way to get involved on campus!
Favorite UNI Tradition: All of the homecoming events!

Alicia Hornfeck

Alicia and mascots

Year: Sophomore
Major: Middle Level/Junior High Basic Science Education major
Favorite TC/TK Memory: Watching TC/TK dance when the music starts playing at the games and watching them interact with the kids!
Why you apart of Team TC/TK are: It is a great way to get involved and be a part of the school spirit!
Favorite UNI tradition: I love watching the pride cries during Homecoming! I pretty much love all of Homecoming!

Brianna Fisher

TC, TK, and student

Year: Sophomore
Major: Deciding major
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: My favorite memory is going for a high five with TC and completely missing, then correctly nailing a double high five.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I wanted to join the team because I was looking for an awesome way to get more involved on campus.
Favorite UNI Tradition: The Homecoming football game!

Katie Marckmann

Year: SophomoreTC and TK
Major: Elementary Education major
Favorite TC/TK Memory: I got to watch a young boy go from being terrified of TK to running up and giving her hugs. The kids are adorable.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: The team is a great group that spreads a lot of Panther pride! 
Favorite UNI Tradition: Having breakfast with TC/TK at the dining centers!

Katie CampbellTC and Katie

Year: Freshman

Major: English/Graphic Design
Favorite TC/TK Memory: Hanging out with TC and TK during pep band! 
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I have so much pride in UNI, and I love being able to help TC and TK spread the Panther love!
Favorite UNI Tradition: All of homecoming week, especially campaniling!

Graduate Assistant: 

TK, TC, and GA

Sarah Crim 

Program: Post-Secondary Education: Student Affairs
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: TC and TK dancing at the Traditions Challenge Amazing Race during Homecoming 2013. 
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: As the graduate assistant, I help prepare the team for events and coordinate their appearances.
Favorite UNI Tradition: Homecoming is my favorite tradition by a landslide. There is always so much going on in Cedar Falls, and there is so much Panther pride!  

Program Advisor:

Connie Hansen


Favorite TC/TK Memory: Every time I am with TC/TK they make me smile and they fill my heart with precious memoires.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I get the privilege of advising Team TC/TK!
Favorite UNI Tradition: I love homecoming hands down. I also love the Polar Bare, Run, Walk or Roll.