Team TC/TK

Meet the team!


Candra Barnes

Mascots with Candra

Year: Junior
Major: Family Services major with a minor in LYHS
Favorite TC/TK Memory: TK and TC dancing with the Toy R' Us Giraffe!
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: Because it is a great way to get involved on campus!
Favorite UNI Tradition: All of the homecoming events!

Emily West

Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education majorEmily and TC
Favorite TC/TK Memory: I just love to watch TC because all of his mischief and TK just stands and watches in disbelief that she got so lucky to have such an awesome brother...
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I have always wanted to be involved with our mascots in some way. They are such a blast and I wanted to be a part of such an awesome part of our University.
Favorite UNI Tradition: I love Panther Pride Cry and Greek Week!

Bailee Moberg

Bailee with mascots

Year: Sophomore
Major: History Teaching major
Favorite TC/TK Memory: Hanging and doing Pep Crew cheers with TC and TK.
Why you are a member of TC/TK: I love UNI and I love the mascots! I want to hang out with them more!
Favorite UNI Tradition: Doing the Interlude at every sporting event!

Josh Schoon

Year: SophomoreJosh and TC
Major: Elementary Education major
Favorite TC/TK Memory: Going to Hansen Elementary and watching TC interact with the kiddos!
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I love interacting with the kids at games and watching their faces light up when they see TC and TK!
Favorite UNI Tradition: Campaniling- Hopefully with TK someday! ;)

Alicia Hornfeck

Alicia and mascots

Year: Sophomore
Major: Middle Level/Junior High Basic Science Education major
Favorite TC/TK Memory: Watching TC/TK dance when the music starts playing at the games and watching them interact with the kids!
Why you apart of Team TC/TK are: It is a great way to get involved and be a part of the school spirit!
Favorite UNI tradition: I love watching the pride cries during Homecoming! I pretty much love all of Homecoming!

Nicole Leyen

Year: SophomoreNicole L with mascots
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders major
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: Introducing my nieces to TK and TC and seeing how excited they all were to meet them!
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I love being a part of my school and being around little kids. Seeing their happy excited faces when they see TC and TK warms my heart!

Brianna Fisher

TC, TK, and student

Year: Sophomore
Major: Deciding major
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: My favorite memory is going for a high five with TC and completely missing, then correctly nailing a double high five.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I wanted to join the team because I was looking for an awesome way to get more involved on campus.
Favorite UNI Tradition: The Homecoming football game!

Whitney Stoolman

Year: SeniorWhitney S, TC and TK
Major: Communication Studies
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: Taking the cats to the President's Picnic. We were waiting to get on the elevator and when the door opened a little girl jumped back and put her hands over her mouth because she was so excited to see TC & TK! It was precious.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I love UNI and these cats do too, so it's fun to watch them spread the Panther Pride! 
Favorite UNI Tradition: Being in a student organization. I am involved in several student organizations and it really has made my experience here at UNI even more amazing!  

Graduate Assistant: 

TK, TC, and GA

Sarah Crim 

Program: Post-Secondary Education: Student Affairs
Favorite Team TC/TK Memory: TC and TK dancing at the Traditions Challenge Amazing Race during Homecoming 2013. 
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: As the graduate assistant, I help prepare the team for events and coordinate their appearances.
Favorite UNI Tradition: Homecoming is my favorite tradition by a landslide. There is always so much going on in Cedar Falls, and there is so much Panther pride!  

Program Advisor:

Connie Hansen


Favorite TC/TK Memory: Every time I am with TC/TK they make me smile and they fill my heart with precious memoires.
Why you are a part of Team TC/TK: I get the privilege of advising Team TC/TK!
Favorite UNI Tradition: I love homecoming hands down. I also love the Polar Bare, Run, Walk or Roll.