January 27, 2016
This past weekend I attended so many basketball games. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday was a full day for my brother and I.  Each game was so exciting and eventful.  I hung out with the amazing fans, cheer, and the band.  I can still hear it now (AWWW TK! AWWW TK!)  Wednesday’s game versus Wichita State was so intense and the boys played an amazing game. I really enjoyed my Pep Crew Bibs. If I do say so myself, I looked pretty fabulous.  Throughout this week, I was pretty exhausted from all school spirit and had to take many cat naps after. Well until next time.
October 13, 2015
Let me hear that Panther Spirit! What's that you say?! Let me hear that Panther Spirit! What's that you say?! Pride Cry, Pride Cry! That was so much fun last night!! So much panther spirit and I never get tired of the UNI Fight song (...Give me yell, OH, the purple and the gold, victory for UNI!)  All the groups who performed did a fantastic job, especially when Camp Adventure pointed me out in their cheer! I was touched!  I don't' know about you but I am WAY excited for Homecoming this week, so many activities, watching movies, doing fun events, the coronation (I wish I could have been a Princess, that's ok theres always next year!), and just fun Panther Spirit everywhere you turn! 
Until next time!
Remember to be safe this week too!
October 12, 2015

Oh my goodness, Saturday was such a fun day! I went to the dome to watch the North Dakota State vs. our one and only UNI Panthers (woo hoo Go Cats)! I saw so many young panther fans wanting to play football, bounce in the bouncy house, and yummy food was being served.  Apparently, Panthers weren't allowed in the food line, I don't know why. TC and I had so much fun seeing all the blankets laid out and footballs everywhere! Then we went to the UNI Soccer and Volleyball games to see more great UNI Athletics action and see our many fans! What a weekend! See you all next weekend for HOMECOMING! ♥


June 22, 2015

Orientation is one of my favorite times of the year! All the new Panthers arrive on campus and get so excited about their next adventure. I love getting to welcome them big hugs and paw shakes. I remember my first time at UNI. I was just a furry, little cub then, but I knew I would have so many good times. I never would have imagined that I would get to go with the football team to Hawaii join the basketball team in the NCAA tournament. Each of these new Panthers has so many opportunities to make memories ahead of them. That’s why I love this time so much; there are so many possibilities. Welcome to campus everyone! I hope you find your own, unique way to leave your paw print on the university!


June 11, 2015

My brother and I worked really hard this year to complete the Traditions Challenge so that we could finally participate in the Traditions Keeper Ceremony and receive our medallions! We got together photos from our favorite memories at UNI so far, and the CATS helped us put them in our books. I would have done it myself, but I hate the way tape sticks to my fur...The ceremony was purrrfect! There were so many graduating seniors and Panther Punch, my favorite! Look for our shiny new medallions when you see us at Commencement!

I hope you are hard at work on your own Traditions Challenge too! I hear they have a big announcement coming soon!


April 10, 2015
Hey Panthers, 
In fuuur weeks we wave goodbye to our seniors, can you believe it?! I am glad TC and I aren't going anywhere anytime soon! We love it here and keep adding to our program of study to stay! Living on campus in the  Alumni House is pretty sweet; I don't want to move out! I hope Connie NEVER kicks me out! Especially in this rainy weather we have been having! I do not do rain! This year has been full of so many great memories, make sure to make as many as you can with graduating friends! Good Luck and keep your eye on the prize!
TK <3
December 9, 2014

Hello my kitty fans,
Finals week is fast approaching. Gee did this semester fly by quicker than a hawk on the run! TC and I are busy studying every chance we get, but with wrestling, Men's and Women's basketball, birthday parties, and classes it can be difficult to find the time. TC always makes sure I stay focused. He is such a great big brother. I know we can all get through this semester tocather! See you around campus! TC and I are cheering for you to do cattacular this finals week!

With love,

October 28, 2014
Hey Kitties!  I hope you all had a great time at McLeod Madness to kick-off the basketball season.  I know TC and I did! It was so fun to watch the teams scrimmage! I can't wait to help cheer on the Panthers in the McLeod!
I can't wait for the last few visit days either! I just love welcoming our future panthers to UNI! TC and I have greeted so many prospective students already this fall. I hope you are all just as excited as we are to have so many bright, new Panther fans amongst us! 
I hope you have a great week! Go Panthers! 
September 26, 2014

Greeting Panther Fans!

I must share with all of you why I am ever so excited! Whenever TK and I scurry around campus, do you know what we see all the time? As in all the time, I mean 24/7! You guessed it! PURPLE and GOLD! We love to see our colors all around campus every day! Keep up the good work! Remember that there are Panther Fridays! Wear your purple on Friday and you can win FREE Panther gear! Now, even if you have not won, I don't want you all to get PAWsemistic on me! Your winning day will come! I am also ecstatic to see the participation at our athletic events! The student section has been amazing! The enthusiasm TK and I see at the games not only energizes us, but helps the players do their best! This time of the year is very busy with events and academics, but I encourage you all to stay involved and keep showing your PANTHER PRIDE!

September 23, 2014

Homecoming 2014 has come to a close! There was a lot going on and a lot of Panther pride around campus. I thought I would share my “Top 10” reasons why this homecoming was one of the best homecomings that UNI has ever had! 

TC and TK’s Top Ten: Homecoming 2014

10. Student’s By Day, Heroes by Night- Who doesn’t love superheroes?

9. Homecoming Court- The royalty competition is always a blast! Those Panthers have have some moves!

8. Panther Chili- I saw it everywhere last week! Panther Chili has been around at this University for a long time. Of course it is not made of Panther meat (even the thought makes me sick to my stomach) but it does define everything I love about life into a perfect bowl of happiness.

7. Pride Cry- Two brand new teams this year (Noehren Hall Senate and Camp Adventure) made it to the finals!

6. The Football game (which we won)

5. The Soccer game (which we won)

4. The Volleyball game (which we on)

3. The Traditions Challenge Amazing Race- Where students ran around campus like madmen and got to snap a picture with their two favorite Panthers!

2. Tailgating- TK and I stopped by the Alumni tailgate. Endless amounts of food are always a good thing!

1. The Parade- We brought back the Homecoming Parade this year! Although it was a little rainy so many Panthers showed up to either watch or participate in the parade! TK was a little emotional when we rode by all the purple and gold while sitting next to the Ruud’s. I love this university!

TK and I both hope you had a purr-fect Homecoming weekend! 

September 11, 2014

Three more days until UNI Football gets to take to the skies and display our Tail-ent to the University of Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors.  It’s time to show the residents of Hawai'i some Panther Cat-titude!  I don’t want to make things purr-sonal, but I’m ready to watch UNI football play a paw-some game in Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi!  You’ll all be happy to know that UNI’s most fur-miliar panther is feline good about Hawai'i.  So it wasn’t a surprise that when I was asked to join Panther Football on their Hawai'i adventure, I yelled “PURRRRR-FECT!” and “Can we leave right Meow?”  I hope Hawai'i is ready for Tropical Storm TC to make landfall on September 13th!  Also, Don’t furr-get to help meow-t, like my Facebook Page!  I want 2500 by Homecoming 2014, so you can all see the crazy shenanigans I get into!  Keep a Paw-sitive! Hopefully we can see each other in Hawai'i!


May 9, 2014

Hey Panthers,

Another school year has come and gone. We cannot believe how fast time flies!  What an incredible school year we had!  All of the fun times and the memories we have made are going to be unforgettable.  We just want to send out a thank-you to all of those graduating here at the University of Northern Iowa.  We would also like to send out a huge and special thank-you to the graduates of the UNI Spirit Squads! You guys were our foundation this year and we could not have done it without you throughout your years on the UNI Dance Team, UNI Cheer Squad, and Team TC/TK.

We want to wish all of the graduates the best of luck in your futures! Once a Panther, ALWAYS a Panther!


Congratulations UNI class of 2014!

March 11, 2014

Hello there Panther Fans! TC here reporting for duty! Speaking of reporting for duty, make sure you all continue to report to all of the Panther sporting events coming up! TK and I love to see all of the fans cheering on the athletic teams! Spring is just around the corner and I want to know if any of Panther fans have some awesome Spring Break plans! TK and I will continue to reside here at UNI to cheer on our UNI Softball team! Hopefully the snow will not be a factor this year. We would like to get outside to go on some walks around our beautiful campus. If you ever see us, do not hesitate to come say hi and get a picture! Well Panther fans, I hope to see you at the upcoming athletic events. Bring friends and show your school spirit!

February 19, 2014

Hello Panthers! TC here, hoping you all are having a wonderful week! What do you all think of the snow we have or the snow we are about to get? I personally love having the snow, however, it doesn’t give me chance to get out on our campus more to say hi to all of you! Just think, once it is spring weather you won’t have your winter coats hiding all of your UNI apparel! WOW! Just imagine, the campus will be flooded with purple and gold! Now this is a dream I cannot get out of my head! The school spirit on this campus will be extraordinary! I hope you are all enjoying your classes! Continue to show your school spirit and represent UNI in a positive way! If you ever see TK or myself around campus, come say hello to us! We love our Panther fans!

Stay warm!

February 5, 2014

Hey Panthers, TK here!  Hope you are all surviving the start of the new semester and this cold weather.  How about that snow day?  TC and I enjoyed the day with some nice hot chocolate and movies.  I have already been super busy this semester!  Have you seen me stunting at the Women’s and Men’s basketball games?  I have been practicing extra hard lately!  Don’t forget UNI swimming, wrestling. and track and field! Winter sports are in full action and you should definitely try and make it out to some events to cheer on your fellow Panthers.  I know TC and I will be there!  While you are there, come by and say hi to TC and I, and get your picture taken. Hope to see everyone this weekend!

That’s all for now!  Study hard and go to a sporting event!

January 3, 2014

Hey there Panthers,

We are approaching the spring semester quickly.  TK and I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing break.  We are very jealous of those who got to travel somewhere warm and we think next time that you should extend an invite to us! Can you imagine both of us soaking up the sun on a beach?  Perhaps next winter we can turn the heat up in the UNI-Dome and lay out some sand to create our own indoor beach!  Who is with us?  Anything would be better than this cold weather we are getting!  Anyhow, we hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their break and we can not wait to see everyone on campus again!  Get ready to rock this semester Panthers!

Stay warm!

October 23, 2013
Hey Panthers,

The weather is getting colder-- what's with that snow? However, the fall temperatures aren't stopping my sister and I from supporting the Women's Soccer Team! If you haven't been out to the Cedar Valley Soccer Complex this fall to see the ladies in action, grab a blanket and some friends and go cheer on the Panthers! 

The Panthers play St. Ambrose tonight (10/23) at 7:00 p.m. and next Tuesday (10/29) at 7:00 p.m. again Grand View!Tuesday night is also Senior Night! Get some friends together and make the drive out to the complex! TK and I hope to see you there! 

Go Panthers!


September 24, 2013

Greeting Panthers!

We are almost have a full month in of classes! It is crazy how fast it is going.  We hope everyone is settled in and having a great time here at the University of Northern Iowa (might we add the best school in the nation!) and to top it off fall is finally here!

There are a lot of things going on campus and we are getting closer to Homecoming week.  Be sure to check out the university calendar to see what is all going on! 

We have a lot of cool things planned for this year and we cannot wait to see everyone.  Watch for us at athletic games as we will be stunting with the UNI Cheerleaders and perhaps bustin' a move with the UNI Dance team.  

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates!

As always, study hard and GO PANTHERS!


July 12, 2013

Hello Panther fans,

Today was the last day of the Missouri Valley Conference Mascot Madness challenge and boy was it a very exciting one! On July 9th, I was up against Spike from Drake University.  I won against him and had to face Sycamore Sam from Indiana State University.  It was a nail biter to say the least with a final vote of 1,905-1,579!  I proceeded on to the final round against WuShock from Wichita State University.  There were over 1,000 votes with in the first 2 hours of voting for the both of us.  In the end, I came out in head and won with 4,908 votes while WuSchock received 4,502 votes.  It was a great competition against WuShock and he definitely gave me a great fight.  I could not have won this competition without the amazing support of friends, family, community members and Panthers from across the nation and the globe!  Thank you for showing your support for me and for UNI!

Aww TC!

June 27, 2013

Greetings Panther fans,

Summer is in full swing here at the University of Northern Iowa! The weather is so muggy that we sometimes want to jump in all of the fountains to cool off especially the fountain in front of the Union.  We think it is safe to say that we can claim that one as our favorite fountain!  As the heat continues on, TK and I think that free ice cream should be handed out on Fridays here on campus.  Perhaps we will talk to President Ruud about this! TK and I also love the summertime because we get to see all the new faces that will be attending UNI in the coming fall semester.  We are so excited to meet all of the new Panthers and cannot wait for the semester to begin! Stay cool and have a great start to the summer!

Go Panthers!