Professional Development


Next Meeting:
Meeting Date: 10/10/12 @ 6:00 PM
Speakers:   Corey Clark, Executive Vice President
                  Mark McCombs, CFP
                  Mike McCrary, Marketing VP
Company: Lincoln Savings Bank/ LSB Financial
Topic: Personal Finance


Previous Meeting Speaker: Molly Cope, Campus Consultant II
Company: Principle Financial Group
Topic: Social Media
Date: September: 9/5/12 6:00 PM

Summary of the Meeting:
Molly covered how corporate companies utilize social media and techniques to bypass restrictions placed on what can be said by Principle A case study was introduced at the beginning of the presentation outlining a social media problem at Principal Financial group. The problem consisted of an employee who was denied the ability to directly create social media accounts for Principal. However, in order to be better reach students and inform them of future job opportunities and the Principal Financial group, this employee feels that some presence on social media is crucial. Molly then split the class into three groups to brainstorm possibilities of getting around corporate policy. The groups then spent 20 minutes making suggestions of getting other groups and individuals to advertise Principle Financial Group and their possibilities. Afterwards, a speaker from each group presented their ideas from the group. Molly then went through discussing how each idea could play out in a corporate situation. One of the best ideas which Principal would eventually use was holding a competition for college groups to mention Principle in the tweets. Whichever group had the greatest number of tweets would receive a $500 scholarship for someone on their team. At the end of the meeting there was a drawing for a $500 scholarship which Kyle Hansen won.