Your Business Advantage For Life

First and foremost, PSE is run like a business. We are open to all majors, and want a diverse group of majors to join because we recognize that no project can be successful without input from a variety of perspectives. We partner with the best local businesses to put on projects and events that will help you get the networking opportunities you need in order to be successful. As the only student organization on UNI’s campus that is a member of the Greater Cedar Valley Chamber of Commerce, we can truly offer our members opportunities that other groups cannot.

PSE won’t be a group that you can join and just sit in the back of the room watching everyone else be successful. We firmly believe that our members will only get out of the organization what they put into it and want to give our members every opportunity to get experience. With a diverse array of projects, and opportunities for every major to contribute, everyone can find their niche within PSE. This is an exciting time for our organization here at UNI, and we invite you to further explore what our organization is all about.