April 12: Coalition for Change We Can Believe In

Location: Maucker Union
Time: after Proud meeting
Date: April 12, 2011

Several graduate students and various ethnic groups on campus are leading this coalition for Change on campus in regards to all minority groups. Since it is during the Proud meeting, we invite you all to go as soon as our meeting is over. The coalition should go for longer than an hour, so you will be able to participate in at least half of it. Those present at the Coalition meeting will discuss how we can assist minority groups on campus attain the necessities that would improve their experience at UNI as well as the campus climate. Even though there is 35 days left in the semester, we can still invoke change if we work together. Proud is supportive of this Coalition.

Event Date and Time: 
Tue, 2011-04-12 19:00 - 21:00