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UNI I Am A Hero - Catherine Palczewski

By: Spencer Walrath on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 08:33

This week's UNI I Am A Hero is Catherine Palczewski!

"Beyond being an extraordinarily dedicated faculty member, Cate is the most brilliant, passionate and loving woman we have encountered in our last four years at the University of Northern Iowa. In addition to teaching classes which range in focus from gender issues to social protest to research methods, she is also a former debate coach. We are both fortunate to be products of her coaching and academic, professional and personal advising.

Through interacting with her throughout our tenure at UNI we have learned that while seeking Cate's advise on professional or academic pursuits may not result in getting an easy answer, we will always be infinitely more enriched if we follow her advise (e.g. Any student at UNI: Cate, I'm writing a research paper on ANY SUBJECT IN THE WORLD, have you read anything or could you suggest any literature or resources? Any given student will leave her office with either a stack of books or a list of resources to utilize).  

Her contributions to UNI are perhaps only matched by her legendary or perhaps mythical status to those in the debate community. She is consistently called upon to aid in the facilitation of the National Debate Tournament due to her expansive knowledge of debate and her ability to ensure order is maintained.

Cate's enduring passion and devotion to knowledge and societal progress is genuinely remarkable and worthy of hero status. It should be also noted that she is a 4.6 in overall quality on Rate My Professor AND is the recipient of the coveted chili pepper for hotness. While we believe she deserves a 4.9/5 (5's don't exist), we wholeheartedly support her as a chili pepper." - Rhonda Greenway and Allie Chase

Congratulations, Cate, on your nomination!

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Go Panthers!