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UNI Am A Hero - Celeste Bembry

By: Spencer Walrath on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 06:55

Our first ever UNI Hero is Celeste Bembry!

"Celeste is a positive, very upbeat staff member (Student Recruitment & Retention Coordinator in the College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences)

Her engaging personal style makes recruits and their families--as well as current students, faculty and staff--feel valued and engaged in campus life. She is always cheering others on, injecting her faith-filled, natural ray-of-sunshine personality into everythign she does, particularly including her involvement with fellow musicians.

The impact of her interactions on all students, faculty and staff--particularly students of color--is profound, energizing and consistently uplifting.

She's one of my heroes, that's for sure!" - Drake Martin

Congratulations Celeste on your nomination!

Don't forget to nominate your friends and co-workers to be recognized as a UNI Hero! Write a brief statement that details why they are a hero, include their name and email address or phone number, and email it to

Go Panthers!