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Northern Iowa Student Government Election Commission Rules in Favor of Walrath/Goldsmith

By: Spencer Shireman on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 22:21


As results of the election that took place last week (Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd) have been finalized, the Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) Election Commission has ruled that the Walrath/Goldsmith ticket has clearly won the election.

The ruling of the NISG Election Commission also fully pardons Speaker Kevin Shannon and Senator Trevor Boeckmann for any actual or potential incorrect actions and officially cancels the special elections that were scheduled to happen this week.

“I’m glad we could make a decision to correct this mistake.” Remarked NISG Election Commissioner Gage Rewerts. “The work of the (NISG Election) Commission has corrected the situation and we have showed that in this time of confusion, common sense can prevail.”

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