Northern Iowa Student Government

A new role for our website!

By: mojohn on Sat, 09/17/2011 - 16:58

Hello Panthers! I'm very excited to announce a HUGE addition to our website.

In an effort to keep students informed about what is going on around campus, as well as to keep the student government accountable for sharing information from both the legislative and executive branches, the Northern Iowa Student Government will begin making daily posts on our website.  Starting on Monday, members of NISG will be making daily posts; highlighting events, students, faculty, staff, student organizations, and on-campus services.  

On Mondays we will post our picks for events of the week. The Executive Branch will pick several events occurring throughout the week that we think are especially important for students to know about. We will also highlight events that NISG has helped fund or organize.

Tuesdays will be a special day in which we will recognize a UNI hero.  UNI am a Hero will be a day to recognize a student, faculty/staff member, or organization who has made a difference in the community or someone's life. The executive branch will be accepting nominations soon for UNI am a Hero. More information will come in next Tuesday's post.

Since the NISG Senate meets on Wednesday nights, the posts for these days will contain the senate bills, resolutions, agendas, and executive reports.  The senate meets in the University Room of Maucker Union at 7 PM.  All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

As a follow-up for Wednesday's senate meetings, the minutes from the previous evening's meetings will be posted on Thursday.  In addition to the senate minutes, a highlighted student organization or on-campus service will also be included.  

To wrap up the week, Fridays will consist of posts from a member of he executive or legislative branch to discuss the week in review.

Our hope is that students will visit our site daily to check out the information provided by the student government.  Check back next week to see all of our exciting new updates!  Also, be sure to like NISG on Facebook!

Morgan Johnson, Director of Public Relations