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Pepsi Fund

By: NISG on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 19:54

The Pepsi Grant Fund was established in early 2002 by a committee assembled by Northern Iowa Student Government, using monies received by NISG as a result of the University of Northern Iowa's exclusivity agreement with Pepsi Co. These funds are scheduled to be allocated in annual increments through the fiscal year, when the scope of this fund and/or committee would need to be re-evaluated contingent on University decisions with respect to the exclusivity agreement itself.

The Fund seeks to provide a new, unique, and flexible funding source to UNI student organizations, and to supplement those monies already available from other sources (e.g. NISG, Entertainment Committee, Speakers Committee, Intercollegiate Academics Fund, etc.). To that end, the fund's criteria (outlined below) promote unique and innovative programming, and the idea that requests will be evaluated based upon merit rather than a strict set of prescriptive guidelines. Some general goals of the fund include maximum dispersion of monies across organizations and promoting cooperation among student organizations in programming efforts.

The Pepsi Advisory Committee retains the right to evaluate all requests, and to grant or deny funding, on that basis, as it deems appropriate. Completely read through the Guidelines (attached below), and complete the online web application here.



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