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By: NISG on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 18:51

Below is a list of NISG's funding sources open to your registered student group.

Funding Sources

  • Contingency (The contingency fund application will re-open for the 2014-2015 academic year on August 11, 2015)
  • Pepsi Fund (All Pepsi funds have been allocated for the academic year)
  • Diversity Matters Fund
  • Budget Request Form (The deadline to submit a Budget Request Form was February 21, 2014)


2014-2015 organization budget allocations are now available!
2014-2015 Budgetary Process Allocations


If you have troubles with funding questions contact Carl Reitz (

2014-2015 (FY15) Student Organization Allocations.xlsx191.29 KB
2014-2015 (FY15) Funding Guidlines.pdf198.19 KB
2013-2014 (FY14) Student Organization Allocations.xlsx322.79 KB
2013-2014 (FY14) Funding Guidelines.pdf3.7 KB
Organization and Finance Guidelines.pdf136.14 KB
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