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Pepsi Fund Application

By: NISG on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 16:50

NOTE: The Pepsi Fund has been exhausted for the remainder of the academic year. All applications submitted after Wednesday, January 21, 2015 will not be considered for funding.

The Pepsi Fund Committee meets on a monthly basis during the academic school year on Thursday evenings at 5 pm. If you wish for your application to be considered at the next Committee meeting, you must submit your application by 12 pm (noon) on Wednesday.

You will be contacted by the NISG Director of Administration and Finance to schedule a hearing time during the committee meeting. A representative of your organization may be be asked to answer questions on your request, although attendance at the hearing is not mandatory. Thoroughly read through the Pepsi Fund Guidelines before applying.

If you have any questions about funding or if you are having problems with the form, please contact Carl Reitz.

First Semester Second Semester
Application Due Meeting Date Application Due Meeting Date
September 24 September 27 January 21 January 24
October 22 October 25 February 18 February 21
November 13 November 15 March 4 March 7
December 3 December 6  April 1  April 4

Program Information:

Budget Information:

Include amounts if possible?

Spreadsheet Submission:

This section asks for you to complete an itemized spreadsheet for your application. Please use the spreadsheet format linked below to complete this section.

Pepsi Fund Spreadsheet


File Name Format: "OrganizationName.xls"

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